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My name is Tom Seest, and I live on a mountaintop in Tennessee with my wife and family. While I’m still on the sunny side of the dirt, I’m not getting any younger and have often said that I’m older than dirt.

Watching people age is a profound experience that intertwines various emotional, physical, and philosophical layers of human existence. From the perspective of a child, aging often appears as a curious phenomenon. Children may look up to their parents and grandparents, noticing subtle changes but perhaps not fully grasping the reality of aging. Their interpretation is often filled with innocence, where the wrinkles are lines of wisdom, and graying hair is a symbol of experience rather than an inescapable aspect of human life.

As one grows and takes on the role of parenting, the lens shifts to a more nuanced understanding. Now, not only do they observe their own parents aging but also witness their children growing, evolving, and eventually facing the same inevitable process. The concept of aging becomes more tangible, filled with complex emotions such as pride in watching children mature and perhaps a sense of melancholy in seeing one’s own parents become frail. In the later stages of life, the perception of aging transcends into a deeply reflective phase. It’s a time where one might assess the marks they’ve left, the relationships nurtured, and the wisdom gained. For some, it’s a period of fulfillment and acceptance; for others, it might evoke feelings of nostalgia or regret. Regardless of individual reactions, aging remains a universal journey, connecting generations and weaving the intricate fabric of human experience.

While I feel younger at time, I often feel like the wheels are coming off the bus and I’m finally getting older. I tend to act younger because it makes me feel younger. I invite you to explore this website where I’ve collected information to help you feel younger, to understand aging, and explore anti-aging alternatives and options for your life.

Tom Seest